Friday, May 6, 2011


'Celestina' a life drawing model & fire dancer! eye definitely went squiffy here
better face but ran out of time!
Quick capture - 5 minute sketches and quick poses
Celestina's head is a little small in this one - life models for amateur artists have to be thick skinned!
More quick capture 7 minute poses
My lovely Ed 
study of hands and feet
7 minute poses


  1. These are amazing- you're obviously good under pressure! Especially like the hands and feet and of course your lovely Ed! Xx

  2. Thanks Erin, I like the quicker stuff more than the longer ones - I find that with the longer ones I go past the stage where it's finished and end up destroying something that might once have had some potential - most children do this when they're painting or so I've been told (I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean!)

    I need to get better at this blogging lark - you're my inspiration! :) xxx